How publish?

About Artist résumés

Artist résumés

Check if the artist résumé has been previously published, if necessary updating, otherwise can publish a new.
About Works


Same as the artist, first check if the published work is found. If it is not, publish a new one using reliable data (measure, technique, year, price if it had, description ...).
About Catalogs


First step, publish the main data and customize the catalog player
Second step edit its content, the artworks pages.
Third step, choose the privacy mode, visible for all or only for your audience (send invitations announcing the publication of the catalog giving them the access password).

Updating and Copy

You find its buttons in the pin-boxs (individual containers of the publications):

You can update your publications and of others, if the privacy mode allow this function.

Also copy data to make a similar publication (available for works and artist résumés).

DISCLAIMER: 1) ART LIBRARY Only provides tools that allows you to publish publications of art. 2) The SUCCESS, only will depend on your dedication to communicate and disseminate these. 3) Need COPYRIGHT of the material to be published. 4) Read the TERMS OF USE, if we received many complaints about your publications, shall be remover your user account.
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