Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below regulate access and use of, owned by ARTLIBRARY s.a.
USERSThe registration in ArtLibrary network attributes status “User”. This condition implies the total acceptance of these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”).
NETWORKArtLibrary is a social geospatial network, specifically aimed at everyone who plays a profession related to art in any form conceptualized, and anyone who enjoys the arts. ArtLibrary is the place where artists, operators, and lovers of works of the arts coexist in one social network and can work together and get benefits by companies or corporations both in virtual and the real (the “Network”).

It’s a leading platform of art content, digital and online from material such as images, videos, soundtracks, texts. In said platform the users can organize your personal data and they can take their experience.

This platform allows them to publish their works in catalogs, online publications, which simulate the turning of pages and exhibits these in a virtual art gallery. half created for cataloging, storage and display works of art.

After publication is a platform that shows these elegantly, using the best technology available display.
Amendment and cancellationArtLibrary reserves the right to change without notice, the presentation of content and services. The User expressly agrees that at any time ArtLibrary may disable and / or cancel any of the content and / or services published.
Technical requirements for accessFor Network access the User must have access to the Internet and have the equipment to connect to the Internet, including an adequate terminal.
Free characterUnless expressly stated otherwise, the access and utilization of the Network and its contents and / or services are free for all users.
Intended use of the NetworkYou agree that use the network for strictly personal, private individuals or corporations, excluding any commercial use, including but not limited to sending of unauthorized commercial communications.
Activities contrary to law, morality and public orderThe User agrees not to use the Internet to conduct illegal activities or contrary to morals and good customs.

It is also prohibited to have or publishing information detrimental to minors, invasive, mortify o be detrimental to others, be false, that induces criminal activity, discriminatory, violent, degrading, pornographic and / or undermines morale and morality.

YES be accepts free material these constraints, if is published at publications which access is restricted for a password supplied by the user to his audience. Such password cannot be disclosed by public channels available to all, either inside or outside the network.
Registration processIt is mandatory to complete the registration form in all fields with valid data. The user is obliged not to misrepresent your identity by posing as any other person or a nonperson. The User must provide personal information in an accurate, precise and true. If the user had issued any false, inaccurate or incomplete, or if ArtLibrary has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, ArtLibrary entitled to cancel the account of the user in question and deny access and use of the Web

Nevertheless, ArtLibrary not responsible for the accuracy of personal information provided by the user. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of their personal data.

By registering on the network, the user will get a personal account, which you can access by username and password set by the user.

Should for any reason, ArtLibrary closes or disables the User’s personal account, the User agrees not to create any other account without authorization of ArtLibrary.
The requirements to be registered:
  • Over 18 years of age. The minor children should always ask and get permission from their parents, guardian or legal representative before you can access the network is strictly forbidden access to and use of minors is prohibited.
  • Not have had criminal convictions.
  • Not use pseudonyms or usernames that may infringe intellectual property rights of others.
Registered UsersArtLibrary available to users certain services which is accessible only to users who have registered on the Web and have obtained a personal account.

The User shall be responsible for all transactions on your account, since access to it is restricted to entry and use of your password, exclusive knowledge of the user.
Assignment of AccountsDuring the registration process, ArtLibrary requests to the user his access data, email and password for personal access, among others.
Use and Custody username and passwordThe User agrees to make responsible use of your login and keep in confidentiality. Acknowledge and agree that without these data cannot access the network also promises to close your account at the end of each session. It will be the sole responsibility of User to maintain the confidentiality of your password and / or user name.

The User agrees to notify immediately ArtLibrary and suitable and reliable, any unauthorized use of your account and enter into it by unauthorized third parties.
Cancellation of AccountsArtLibrary reserves, and the user accepts it, the right to cancel, disable or reuse User accounts when the user:

  • break any law or any of these Terms and Conditions and other policies of the Network;
  • breach its commitments as a Member;
  • incurred in conduct or malicious or fraudulent acts;
  • ArtLibrary believes that their publications or other actions may create the some kind of damage that creates responsibility to the user that posted to ArtLibrary or other Users;
  • if an account is inactive for a period of more than 12 months
Third Party Content and Services on the PortalThe User acknowledges that ArtLibrary is not responsible for the content and / or services offered and provided by third parties through the platform, including but not limited to communications of any kind that a user has with an advertiser.

ArtLibrary not responsible for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by Users and / or other parties who offer or provide products or services on the platform.
Content Published by UsersThe User warrants that the owner of all content and information published or stored on the platform of the Network

The User grants ArtLibrary a nonexclusive, transferable, sub-licensable and free use of all content protected by intellectual property rights, including but not limited to photos, songs, videos and other types of intellectual works (the “Content of ArtLibrary”) that the User published or stored on the platform of the Network (the “License Number”).

The IP License ends when the user remove your Content of ArtLibrary or your account, unless the user has been shared with third parties, and they haven’t eliminated, in which case ends when all third parties with whom he has shared, it eliminated.

You acknowledge and agree that Content of ArtLibrary have been deleted and remain in copies of “backup” for a reasonable period of time, but not available for third parties.

You acknowledge and agree that when using ArtLibrary applications, information and User content is shared with the application in question. ArtLibrary requests the user’s privacy be respected, but control over the use, stockpiling and transfer of information and content depend on the agreement between the User and the corresponding application.
Privacy and Information SecurityArtLibrary make every effort to ensure the confidentiality of information transmitted and / or stored via the platform of the Network.

ArtLibrary not be liable for damages in respect of access, alteration or removal by unauthorized third parties.
Secret of the CommunicationsArtLibrary not access, stores, monitors or discloses the communication contents between users unless those actions are imposed by law or required by law, court order or by reasoned decision of any governmental authority, or serve the purposes of resolution of technological drawbacks not obliged to exercise control by the use .
ResponsibilityArtLibrary not required to verify the identity of its registered users or that the information provided are true and valid.

The use of services and the dissemination and storage of the contents by the users shall be the sole responsibility of the person who generated, including but not limited to, the ArtLibrary content.
The use of the network, services and / or content by UsersArtLibrary not obliged to exercise control by the use that users make to the Network Registered User, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ArtLibrary, its employees, agents, subcontractors or affiliates, from any and all claims resulting from content as the user to send, display or transmit through the service, use of the service, connection to the service, violation of these conditions or any third party rights.ome content posted on
Force majeureArtLibrary not be liable for delays or failures that occur in the access, operation and functionality of the platform, its contents and / or services, nor any interruption or malfunction due to natural causes such as earthquakes, floods, lightning or fire, situations of force majeure.
Security MeasuresArtLibrary take all appropriate technical and organizational security as may be necessary, at its option, in order to ensure maximum security and confidentiality of communications on the platform.

However, you agree that Internet security measures are not completely safe, networks used are not safe and any communication sent through this resource may be intercepted or modified by unauthorized persons.
Rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property and other rightsThe user acknowledges the ownership of ArtLibrary for all their intellectual property rights or other similar or related rights on the Internet, meaning that, the platform, the Network, the particular way of presenting information, information, messages, graphics, drawings , image files and / or sound and / or video, photographs, recordings, software, databases, technology, equipment, know-how, brands, models and industrial designs, patents, trademarks, logos and any other rights of industrial or intellectual property, registered or unregistered (the “ArtLibrary Intellectual Property”) and agrees not to commit acts that violate those rights.

Also, the User agrees not to post content or take any other action which infringes the intellectual property rights of others.

Where ArtLibrary considers some content posted on its platform or any other act of a User infringes or violates intellectual property rights of others or the ArtLibrary Intellectual Property, ArtLibrary may remove such content without further ado. Nevertheless, once notified of the decision that ArtLibrary will remove certain content posted by the user, the user will have a mandatory period of 2 calendar days to file a disclaimer explaining the reasons why it considers that such content should not be removed. Within a reasonable period ArtLibrary rule on the request of the user and this decision shall be final.

Also, if the User relapse in the publication of content that violate intellectual property rights of others or ArtLibrary Intellectual Property, ArtLibrary can disable the User’s account.

The User expressly acknowledges that ArtLibrary not yield, license or otherwise transfer the User any rights in the ArtLibrary Intellectual Property or intellectual property of others.

ArtLibrary may contain links to other web sites, which imply that they are not owned or operated by ArtLibrary. Given that ArtLibrary has no control over such sites, ArtLibrary not responsible for the content, materials, actions and / or services provided by them, or for damages or losses arising from the use thereof, whether caused directly or indirectly . The presence of links to other websites doesn’t imply a sponsorship relationship that ArtLibrary approval or support of such sites and content.

ArtLibrary only authorized users can access and surf the Web and to access and use the content and / or services incorporated herein.
The System of Intellectual Property RespectArtLibrary has implemented a system of respect to Intellectual Property (hereinafter the “System”) which aims to prevent them from being published or stored via the Web, content that violates any right of intellectual property.

Any company or individual owner of rights of intellectual property who believes that right is injured by a well-publicized or offered, ArtLibrary may also request the removal of the contents in your opinion for infringe or violate their intellectual property rights. This requires send us a message, detailing the violation.

Upon receipt of the notification form of infringement, ArtLibrary will contact the alleged infringer in order to provide the possibility of a release. In case that couldn’t discern ArtLibrary who attends a superior claim, ArtLibrary not required to take any additional action, and the parties may resort to the courts for the courts to consider the solution more appropriate.

By submitting the complaint, the holder of intellectual property rights agree to these Terms and Conditions, particularly the provisions regarding the powers and duties of ArtLibrary to receive a notice of infringement form.
Links and FramesThose who wish to establish a link between your website and the Network platform must meet the terms set forth below:

  • the link will allow access to the network but cannot reproduce any part of its content, intellectual property of the Users and / or ArtLibrary Intellectual Property, and
  • the user cannot mimic the so-called “Look and Feel” or using “Frames”, and not make false or incorrect on the Web
Reservation of RightsArtLibrary reserves all rights to the ArtLibrary Intellectual Property and its contents are expressly forbidden publication, reproduction, execution, performance, exhibition, sale, translation, adaptation, or any other disposition thereof.
Duration and TerminationThe User agrees to review the Terms periodically to watch if there has been any amendments thereto, and to accept the new terms and conditions published by ArtLibrary. Otherwise, accept and agree not to access the network and terminate your User account.

You agree that if you continue accessing the network once published the new conditions of service, this implies the unreserved acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.
SubcontractingArtLibrary is authorized to contract or subcontract third parties in order to improve the management, maintenance, updating and / or improvement of the network.
Conditions of Open Access ServicesArtLibrary provides its users access to a wide range of resources for a consideration or free, all available on the platform of the Network Access to and use of these resources constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

The ArtLibrary community involvement is more rewarding if the users follow the rules detailed in these Terms and Conditions.
Communication ServicesThe communication services provided by ArtLibrary to the users is one area to meet, interact and share ideas with others. A means of communication services where all tools on the network platform are to allow the transmission of data and information of all types and formats through the network. Among others, it means services communication to publishing and collecting of the arts.
Storage and Management ServicesEach storage services all the tools available on the platform of the network, allow users to store content.
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